Alex Mathew

Product Engineer. Code writer. Python enthusiast. Sports fan.

The Beginnings

In the beginning, there was nothing. And then I said “Let there be a blog”. And it was done.

I’ve always wanted to do this. Laziness always stopped me. But I’m not going to let it stop me anymore. I’ve made the decision now. I am going to maintain this blog.

I don’t have any particular agenda of what I’m going to put in here. Just my thoughts/opinions/reviews of stuff, a live blog of anything I’m working on. Just to give some direction to my ideas. I’m not going to try to make this huge and viral. I’ll just let this lie in a corner of the vast expanse of the Internet, so I can look at it some day and recollect how I went about stuff (or say “what was I thinking ?”).

Let the ride begin. And may the blog be forever in your favour.